Nature in Benalmadena

Get back to Nature in Benalmadena

Benalmadena is well known as highly urbanized municipality. It is appreciated by many for the wide range of entertainment, activities and services it offers for international tourists and residents. There is much to offer in terms of lifestyle, attractions, dining, water sports and beach activities. As a popular, lively and cosmopolitan metropolis it attracts thousands upon thousands of visitors every...

Property developer Grupo Aelca

Property developer Grupo Aelca to build 1500 homes this year

Dream Exclusives are very proud to partner with Property Developer Grupo Aelca in the commercialisation of their development in Benalmadena. With huge activity scheduled for the next few years we look forward to assisting them with their on-going projects and ventures. Aelca, a developer of the Värde investment fund, wants to build 1,500 homes this year. The company has land reserved to build a total of...

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